Level up your customer experience.

Our revolutionary SaaS service towards power companies is utilizing cutting-edge technology to empower their customer's onboarding experience.

Customize it

Add your own branding

Let your customers feel right at home by adding your branding and linguistic style. Our solution is easily customizable to suit your needs.

Endless color options

You can customize the color scheme as you like. Set any hex value on text, buttons, or backgrounds to match your company branding.

Add your style

Add a playful touch to the communication, or keep it serious. With a few clicks, you can change it up as you go.

Choose your layout

Choose from a predefined layout with proven conversion rate, or take a gamble and make your own custom layout. Do you feel lucky?


We provide easy-to-use and powerfull APIs

We provide easy-to-use and powerfull APIs

Whether you want to integrate our service by copy and pasting a simple code-snippet, or your team wants to dive headfirst into our APIs - that is up to you.

Unique solution

Fetching data gives endless possibilities

Give your website visitors a unique way of comparing their current power agreement with your offering.

Fetching data gives endless possibilities

The power industry is heavily competitive, and confusing for the customers.

Retrieving data from your competitors gives you a huge advantage. Let our system adjust your price offering on the fly to maximize conversions.

Support system

Handling large amounts of data in a simple way

Our SaaS solution for power companies is coupled with a leads support system.

 Handling large amounts of data in a simple way

We have built a leads system to make sure you can do follow-up calls to those that do not convert automatically.

The system is stacked with information about the customer's power agreement. Your sales representatives will be able to see exactly what type of power agreement the customer currently has, what types of fees and add-ons the customer pays for.